Monday, February 22, 2010

Five Things I Miss About Vancouver

With the Winter Olympics being on in Vancouver at the moment it's such a reminder of my time living there. This time last year I was still living there and even though I love being back home I do often think of my time there fondly. So today I thought I'd do my Five Things about Vancouver.

Five Things I Miss About Living In Vancouver:
1. My friends. I met some amazing people in Vancouver and some of them I feel will be life long friends.
2. Seeing snow capped mountains for a large portion of the year (see above). Obviously they're not always as covered in this picture but they are always there watching over the city.
3. Yam Fries. They make the best yam fries in Vancouver.
4. Chinatown. Vancouver's Chinatown is so full of interesting stores and a wide variety of produce.
5. Six Acres and the Brickhouse. Best bars in Vancouver in my opinion.

There's some awesome stuff coming out of Vancouver. Here's a few to check out -

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