Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Morning Commute

As I walked to work this morning I was stuck in the dullness of the morning commute. You know the feeling when you're on public transport and everyone has that same spaced out look on their faces. Then I stopped and took myself out of that space and looked up and around and noticed the crazy early autumn light and the clouds and the reflections on the buildings. I only had my point and shoot camera with me but I stopped to take a few shots. It reminded me of a quote that I have written on a post-it note on my computer screen at work.... "What we give our attention to is who we become". I can't remember who said it or where I read it but in that moment it woke me up and reminded me that I don't want to be the brain-dead commuter, I want to see my surroundings and be aware of the world around me and enjoy it for every little minute that exists. Take yourself out of the rat race today, even just for 5 minutes.

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